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Contact dandeless on twitter for problems regarding the wiki.


Welcome to the english BMS wiki! here we hope to obtain and archive information about BMS artists, music, events, and whatever else we can about BMS. Hopefully you're reading this looking to contribute (we need contributors! this is a small community!), and hopefully I can lay some groundwork for where to start.

Here are the categories for content here on the wiki:

Whenever you fill out a new page, please ensure you have included the relevant category at the bottom of the page.

  • Some of these categories are mirrored on the Sidebar, but other categories have a dedicated page separate from the category itself. Articles within these pages should still have the relevant category applied.

BEFORE filling out any templates, please check the page below:

These are the availible templates. Please use these as it enables us to keep the wiki the same across the board.

Please refrain from using the real name of any person on this wiki. Unless it is relevant to their works (like if it is an alias), no one's real name should be displayed here ESPECIALLY without their permission.
We are focused on BMS as a whole, when it comes to PMS we will not be separating categories eg. do not do Category:PMS_Songs. We will however categorize by "key mode" such as Category:7key, Category:14key, Category:24key, etc. Articles should be categorized by key mode when relevant.