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Here I will do my best to lay out the editing guidelines to be used throughout the wiki.

Ignore <> brackets when formatting, I have added brackets to text in this article to describe what needs to be there, the <> brackets should not exist within links. (ex. do not put [[<>]] as the link, just use [[]])

BEFORE CONTINUING understand the nature of information on this wiki: If you can't cite something, don't bother including it. We require links to BMSSearch and Venues as a basic "proof" that the article is correct, but if you are claiming something about an artist, song, event, etc. ensure you cite it. If you don't cite it, as long as the information is correct, you might not be bothered, otherwise, prepare to be edited.


  • When linking an event or package anywhere on the wiki, try to use the full, official title used by venues, BMS EVENT LITE, or their website. there are exceptions such as 戦[sen-goku]國 〜甲午の乱〜. where it needs to be a piped link to ensure the correct title is displayed, but the page it refers to is something different. Make sure to check BMS_Events or BMS_Packages to ensure you are using the correct page title, or if the event/package does not exist yet, please add it.
  • Keep in mind that the BMS EVENT LITE page sometimes includes packages among the events. Please exclude any packages from event categories, and exclude events from package categories.
  • Info

Include AT LEAST venue site and home page if possible.

  • Songs

Sort songs in numerical order by their venue ID with 1 at the top. (every venue should sort songs numerically, if this is not the case, write N/A)

Remove team column if not applicable. (use preview to check that it looks fine)


  • BEFORE any information is added, add the venue page. This way, any incomplete page is easier to fill out.
  • Artist

Ensure any artist listed here is linked as such [[<artist>]]. If you suspect this is an alias, check if you are correct on the artist's page, then link the alias as [[<real artist>|<alias>]]

  • BPM

If this is keeping you from filling out the page, skip it. finding BPM requires downloading the file, which other fields do not require. If a file has speed changes, display both the lowest and highest BPM (ex. 120-180)

  • Genre

Copy the genre verbatim from the VENUE page, as packaged BMS files are less likely to be updated than the venue info.


Copy and link the artist verbatim from the venue page. If you suspect this is an alias, check if you are correct on the artist's page, then link the alias as [[<real artist>|<alias>]]

  • Event

Fill out and link the event the song is from. Shorten the name like this: [[<internal wiki event name>|<shortened name>]]

Check Category:BMS_Events for the internal wiki name

  • Team

Add team name (and link it) if applicable, otherwise remove field. Use the wiki search bar to find the correct page to link

  • Date

Fill out to the best of your knowledge.

  • ReadMe

Copy and paste readme from song files between the "pre" html elements. If the song does not include a readme, delete this field.

  • Trivia

Any interesting information about the song.


  • Artist information

If possible, please include an artist's self-hosted webpage, that way any further links to SNS, etc that are most likely included on the site can be easily accessed.

  • Profile

Provide a brief description of the artist, ensure that you are using accurate information. if possible, contact artist to check accuracy or to obtain a better profile.

  • Trivia

Any interesting piece of information that you don't believe is very well known or something that defines an artist and their work that doesn't grant inclusion within the profile.
this information needs to be public or verifiable, if it can not be easily found information, cite the source

  • Aliases

Do not link these. if an alias includes another artist, write (with <artist>) and be sure to link the ATTACHED artist. also ensure that any alias that links back here is written as [[<artist>|<alias>]]. If you are unsure if an artist is an alias or not, link it just to be sure.

  • BMS Works

For now, Songs made by artist are the only required field. Songs within this field must be organized by year, from newest (at top) to oldest (at bottom). only TITLES and EVENT should be linked, any featured artists should also be linked, the rest should stay unlinked. feel free to add your own categories at the bottom of the page, formatted as: [[Category: <category>]]

Events should be linked as such: [[<precise event name taken from category/BMS EVENT LITE>|<display name (for shortening purposes, does not have to be consistent with rest of wiki)>]]

Alias Disambiguation

Names are a significant element of BMS identity, and one name can easily occur in more than one distinct case. A name might refer to multiple possible people, multiple possible works, or even both at once.

If you're filling in info and everything has a unique name so far, great! You can keep going - you shouldn't worry unless it happens (and there's a good chance it won't - there's a lot of names out there!).

If a name collision happens to occur while you're making pages, your first thought should be to name each affected page uniquely. Below are propositions. NB: In all collision cases, disambiguation pages are on the base name, e.g. DJ Alice. This ensures that if a single name comes to refer to multiple topics in future, then a past link to that name will still reach a disambiguation.

  • Is this an artist's "main" name, and no other artist's "main" name so far? Distinguish with that, i.e. DJ Alice (artist).
  • Do multiple artists share this "main" name? Distinguish with year of first BMS activity, e.g. DJ Alice (2009) and DJ Alice (2017). ⚠️ This proposition is weaker, and should only be taken in lieu of a better alternative.
  • Is this name an artist's "alias"? Distinguish with "main" name and redirect, e.g. DJ Bob (DJ Alice) → DJ Alice.
  • Is this name for a BMS work (i.e. its TITLE is conflicting)? Distinguish with ARTIST, e.g. foo (DJ Bob), since that's how the BMS work presents itself.