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Difficulty Tables are data tables (spreadsheets) that contain Charts, and they can be loaded into a BMS Player to be played in-game.

The most common usage for Difficulty Tables is to organize the Difficulty Ratings of songs. Due to the nature of BMS as a community-driven game with very little governance, Difficulty Ratings are often not accurate across the wide array of available content. Other uses for Difficulty Tables include "favorites" tables, and tables that target specific skillsets.

Difficulty Tables are a great way to find high quality Charts and Songs within the masses of BMS files out there. Despite their usefulness in compiling content, the Songs and Charts in Difficulty Tables are usually not archived for convenient downloading. Charts within Difficulty Tables often have a download link for the Chart and Song files, but depending on their age, they may no longer exist or require further searching to find what you're looking for in the linked site.


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