Lunatic Rave 2

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Lunatic Rave 2
Basic Information
Name Lunatic Rave 2
Also known as LR2
Language Japanese/English
Developer Twitter @lavalse_
Home page 🌏

Lunatic Rave 2 (stylized as LR2) is a BMS client made by lavalse, cyclia, SHiNKA, Kamiyu, and mur originally released in 2007 for Windows. It's speculated that LR2 ceased updates due to the source code being lost in a hard drive failure. The latest LR2 update was on the 1st of February, 2010.

LR2 features a built-in IR: LR2IR, a search tool, custom skin support, a song preview function, support for multiple playstyles, and more. LR2's player base is widely considered to be the largest of all BMS clients. Despite being discontinued, LR2 is generally considered the "standard" BMS client to this day.

LR2 only supports the SD(640x480) display resolution. Since LR2 can no longer be updated, modifications of the program exist to enable higher resolutions like HD(1280x720) and FHD(1920x1080). Modifications to skins must also be made to be used with these higher resolutions.

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