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Basic Informations
Name maki
Also known as ridis
Origin Japan
Main Genre DTM
Years active 2000 -
Twitter ID @boostermofumofu
Home page 🌏


maki is a Japanese DTMer (Desktop Music) who writes unique, fantasy inspired electronic music. They have been making BMS works under different aliases since the early days of BMS.


  • Rai
  • ridis
  • guna
  • connsome

BMS Works

  • Songs made by artist
Year Genre Song Artist Event/Package Team
2022 synth pastelica zephyric verse maki THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler- Landscape
2021 lore expedition ashen valley maki THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVII -VISION THE RETRO FUTURE- 魔法少女
2020 lore expedition frozen summit maki THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVI -NEO DYSTOPIA- Landscape
2019 synth excursion bathypelagic snow maki BOFXV - THE BMS OF FIGHTERS eXtreme Violence - 令和になっても懲りない面々
2014 synth beat stairway to the universe maki G2R2014 - THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2004 RELOADED - 労働八号
2013 synth beat soda ocean maki konzertsaal - THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2013 - 代打三兄弟(走)
2012 instrumental sunken azure world maki / murotani THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2012 -Ein neuer Heiliger Krieg- 代打三兄弟
2011 fantastical synth beat ice valley maki (movie : 石王マサト) THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2011 - Intersection of conflict - Synth1同好会
2010 fantastical synth beat tightrope city ブースター THE BMS OF FIGHTERS 2010 - The Evolution of War -
2007 instrumental subconsciousness guna with チーム・キュッキュ 戦 [sen-goku] 國 〜夏の陣〜 Chubu