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Mowl in real life
Basic Informations
Name Mowl
Origin Japan
Main Genre Post-rock
Experimental Rock
Contemporary Folk
Years active 2021 -
Twitter ID @MoffelVaguen
Home page 🌏


Mowl is a BMS creator in Japan.

Most of the time, live performance elements are included in the work.

BMS Works

Year Genre Song Artist Event/Package
2023 Baroque Pop / Lo-fi / Chamber Folk バーズ・ソング Mowl ゆるゆる Phase 19
2023 Indie Pop / Indie Folk 紙飛行機 Mowl PABAT! 2023 seasons -J_y_n_d_w_ _p_h_e_y_g -
2022 Post-Artcore / Apocalypse Imitation of the Sky Mowl MUMEI Academy 2022
2022 Experimental Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani? Mowl Strive to Stand Out
2022 I Say Goodbye to the Ground When I Fire My Shadow's Roost Blackhawk PABAT! 2022 seasons -sumoriforest-
2022 Triphop Obscure Mowl pupuly
2022 word love song i ROMANTIC BMS EVENT
2021   Be Music in the Dark