plugout1 明鏡止水

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plugout1 明鏡止水 is a BMS Package for 5KEYS and 10KEYS that was organized by Atomic Sphere in 2003. The first package in the plugout series, it is well-known for both its "underground" direction and its consistent relatively high quality for the time, making it an ideal starting point for players who like oldskool BMS.

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Songs (venue ID, title, artist)

Difficulty Song Artist
★1 Let's Sing Final Renox
★1 light of tranquility ice
★2 No.1 King of the Mountain
★3 smoggy dusk TiY
★3 The Storage (Re-edit) socer
★3 終日 O-SE
★4 corpland tats-a.r.m with waterimage
★4 ningen socer
★4 invasion wit da masta
★4 Symmetrical #14 cube
★4 陰陽 FROL
★5 allegretto chapter 3
★5 radiant stream TiY
★5 Red Film -main theme- fen
★5 靜濁 丹古母鬼馬二
★6 Amateurs' squeezing (jam jam jungler inspired) w32 remixed atmosphere
★6 Astrolabe Kuroneko Project
★6 Blue Kuroneko Project with waterimage
★6 Cournot UDSV
★6 the surplus of love Michael Poqochanchyn
★6 The End of Life ATM/mixed Nirr
★7 blank moon Is-m
★7 Life-With-Cat elephant&rose
★7 nature Bts-Factory
★7 SLY technology 3 men
★8 T&J Queen P.A.L. & Hime
★9 Afterlife (omegaI inspired) Nirr&Studio Chieph /Remixed ARMYSHOP
★9 BEER Is-m
★0 Rebirth of the new world fen